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Vaping and battery safety

May 31, 2017 2 Comments



The single most important subject when it comes to vaping is safety. Let’s go over some of the things that will help keep your vaping experience as safe and smooth as possible.

Battery Safety

Use High Quality Batteries

If there’s one thing you don’t want to cut costs on it’s your batteries. Reputable electronics manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. usually produce batteries alongside their electronics. The Clean Vape offers the popular LG HG2 batteries and you can find many more from other reputable stores online. It is not recommended to buy batteries from an auction marketplace because there it’s hard to prove the authenticity and previous usage.  

Make Sure Batteries Are Properly Wrapped

The plastic wrapped over your battery protects it from metal on metal contact, which is very important for your safety. If you notice any rips or tears on your wrapping it’s time to either replace the batteries or rewrap them. To rewrap them you must first remove the old wrapping completely. Cut your battery shrink wrap to the size of your battery (remember to leave a little extra on the ends as you want it to wrap around the corners). They also sell pre-cut battery shrink wraps that are much easier to apply. Apply your heat carefully with either a heat gun(on low) or a hair dryer until the wrap is tightly fitted around the battery.

Pair Your Batteries When Using a Dual Battery Mod

When using a mod that requires more than one battery it’s important to keep them paired or “married”. This means the batteries are always in use together, and always charged together. The reason for this is because you don’t want one battery to have a different charge and discharge rate than the other. An easy way to keep track of your batteries is to write a number or letter on the wrapping with a permanent marker. It is also recommended to use the same batteries. For example, if you have 2 Samsung batteries and 2 LG batteries, it would be wise to only use the LG’s together (and charge them together) and vice versa.

Transport Batteries in a Protective Case

It’s important to transport your batteries with some sort of protective casing so that you can prevent metal to metal contact, especially if you carry them in your pockets. An ideal case would be one made from plastic that prevents the batteries from touching each other. The Clean Vape sells plastic battery protective cases in order to keep yourself and your batteries safe. Keeping them lose in your pocket or your purse can lead to disasters with your batteries with metal on metal contact.

Do Not Overcharge Your Batteries

Make sure to use a proper charger that will not overcharge your batteries. Nitecore, EFest, and XTar are reputable chargers that can be used to charge your batteries without worry. Off-brand and cheap chargers may not have protection for overcharging your batteries. We recommend using the above brands to stay away from potential issues of charging your batteries. The Clean Vape sells the Nitecore chargers for your vaping needs.


Since nicotine is easily absorbed through the skin, you may want to wash your hands with soap and water if any gets on your skin.


If you have any doubts about a particular battery being good, we recommend spending the extra few dollars and getting a legitimate battery that you can trust. If there is any question about the wrap on your battery, we recommend you immediately re-wrap it to prevent any issues. It is also important to use the proper charger for your battery type. Some chargers come with a cutoff that prevents overcharging, even in this case it is still recommended to take your batteries off of the charger once they are fully charged. Using the preventative methods above will ensure a safe vaping experience. Happy Vaping!

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The Clean Vape
The Clean Vape

January 21, 2019

We wouldn’t recommend using those batteries anymore! Pick up a reputable pair of batteries(LG HG2, Samsung 30Q, Sony VTC6) as a replacement.


January 21, 2019

So one day I forgot my batteries in my pocket and it got washed and went thru the dryer, is it still ok to be used a?

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