Vape Juice Sweeteners - Are sweeteners in E Liquid safe?


Sucralose in Vape Juice

Artificial sweeteners like Sucralose are common in E Liquid. We'll go over what effects we've seen Sucralose has on liquid along with some information that has come out from studies.

Does Sucralose actually make the liquid sweeter?

A study done in 2017 studied the effect of sucralose in e liquid and if it actually made an effect on the perceived sweetness of vape juice. The results show that depending on the type of vape device you're using, you will have different results. In a tank style set up, the results showed that there wasn't really a difference in the perceived sweetness of the liquid. In a cartridge style setup though, where much less liquid is being vaporized at a time, there was a difference experience when using sucralose as a sweetener.

The picture below represents a graph outlining the perceived effect sucralose hand on the vape experience. Stra was a strawberry flavor, Van is for a vanilla flavor, Wat is for watermelon and Cher is for cherry.

The next point was for olfaction. The Olfaction tests were done allowing the use of olfactory senses(noses open). No Olfaction had the test subjects close their noises.

For more details on the study, you can read the full study linked here.

What we gather is that it depends on the type of device that you're using. This is a very black and white test that they did, which don't account for other factors which can help make a flavor appear sweeter than it normally would be, even without the use of sucralose.

Why don't we use sucralose in our vape juice?

From this study we can see that depending on the device you're using, there isn't much of a difference in sweetness with or without sucralose. We also have found other ways to sweeten the liquid without the use of sucralose. We are vaping and not eating food here and different flavors can be added in to increase the perceived sweetness and make the vape an enjoyable experience.

During our time of research and development we found that sucralose being added to the liquids caused our coils to get gunked up much faster and we would have to replace our coils or our cotton very rapidly. With some flavors, the added sucralose would cause us to need to change the coils/cotton with every 60ml of liquid due to the fact that the flavor didn't taste as good anymore. A layer of gunk was resting on top of the coils and the cotton and the flavor started to become "waxy" when we would continue to vape it.

When we put our fruity flavors to the test without any sucralose in it, we found that we didn't need to change our cotton even after 2 liters of liquid were put through it. The cotton still looked fine and the coils had very minimal residue left on them. We encourage you to see the results for yourself.

All of these trials were done using a dripping atomizer(RDA).

Uncertainty of sucralose in vape juice

The uncertainty of the effects of Sucralose was another reason it was excluded from our ingredients list. It is approved for human consumption in our food and beverages, but when you are vaporizing a product it is a different experience. We don't know the full effects of Sucralose when it is vaporized and we didn't want to include it in our products for this reason, specially when it didn't seem necessary to have a sweet and flavorful e liquid. 

As it is, vaping as a whole already has a lot of question marks on the long term effects of it. A few studies have come out now showing that it is a safer alternative to smoking, but it's still our responsibility to make sure that we can remove anything which is possible that adds another question mark to vaping's future. We believe Sucralose is one of those question marks.

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The Clean Vape
The Clean Vape

March 01, 2019

We’re not fans of Sucralose either, in vape juice or otherwise. Thanks for your support and we’re glad you appreciate our efforts!

Shauna G
Shauna G

March 01, 2019

Thanks! Was never a fan of sucralose. I’m so glad you guys don’t use it in your eliquids!

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